Art and culture project in Slovenia

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Placement: Metlica (Slovenia)
  • Project subject: art and culture

Volunteering conditions: accomodation, full board, local transport, pocket money

The project is oriented on educational activities among young people, development and gaining skills of project management, promotion and accountancy. A volunteer will work with youths and children and will give enterpreneurship, work in group and project managing lessons.

A volunteer will have language support, will learn Slovenian in a course given by a teacher, a member of hosting organization (two lessons per week), additionally a volunteer can take part in every trainings and initiatives organized by a hosting organization. The project allows to get to know about local culture and traditional cuisine of Slovenia. A volunteer will get to know how grapes, ecological fruits are cultivated and how natural juices, wine and spices are produced. Within the meetings with project participants, a volunteer can make traditional dishes – flat Slovenian cakes.

Within the inititives realised by organization, traditional dance courses, as an element of local folklore will be given as well as lessons of playing an instrument. The skills acquired by a volunteer, can be used in different inititives and cultural events organized for inhabitants of local community.

Beside educational activities, the task of a volunteer is to cooperate in a supranational level and elaboration together with organization’s members new hosting projects of European volunteering. Thanks to these actions, a volunteer will gain project skills and skills related to project management and creativity, which are qualifications and his/her experience in work with youths.

During realization of meetings and festivals, the possibilities of development of a project participant as one who acts, is a moderator and a leader of project meetings will be presented. A volunteer participation in a project depends on his preferences and the challenge he is able to take.

A volunteer can contact his/her mentor, who will suport him/her personally within the hosting organization, a project coordinator will give tasks and help in their realisation.

People interested can contact us +48 506 016 137 or