Art and culture project in Slovenia

Duration: 12 months Placement: Metlica (Slovenia) Project subject: art and culture Volunteering conditions: accomodation, full board, local transport, pocket money The project is oriented on educational activities among young people, development and gaining skills of project management, promotion and accountancy. A volunteer will work with youths and children and will give enterpreneurship, work in group […]

Counteraction against racism

Title: Anti-discrimination Placement: Dusseldorf (Germany) Volunteering conditions: full board, local transport, pocket-money The main work area Terno Drom is North Rihne-Westphalia, a federal country of the biggest number of inhabitants and high percentage of immigrants. Dusseldorf is ethnocultural economic and social centre for Roms who come from Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Kosovo. The project […]