Work with disabled – volunteering in Germany

Project for disability – volunteering in Germany

  • Project duration: September 2012 – September 2015
  • Subject: disability
  • Placement: Weingarten (Germany)

Volunteering conditions: full board, local transport, pocket money

German Association of Blind and Sand-Blind (DBSV) is partner organization of German movement of self-help. It is divided into 20 regional organization which are divided into 300 smaller local organizations where volunteers (many of them are blind or sand-blind) together with full-time employees give advice and help those who have recently become blind. DBSV focus on permanent improvement of life situation of 145 000 blind and 500 000 sand-blind living in Germany. Hence our association is engaged in creation of equal living conditions, social and professional integration and betterment of social status.


  • can influence the legislation and law making on the federal level
  • support issues concerning disability
  • solicit for compensational funds for disabled
  • is trying to eliminate barriers in all spheres of life
  • support production of rehabiliatation equipment
  • co-finance education of blind and sand-blind
  • contribute to creation of rehabilitation and consulting offers
  • offers sport and cultural activities for children and youths with visual disability
  • organize international youths exchange
  • is giving courses where blind and sand-blind are thaught activities needed in everyday life to remain independent

Volunteer’s tasks: Particularly active role of a volunteer is to work with youths with visual disability. Young people carry on recreational activities during weekends, one-day educational workshops and organize seasonal festivities. A volunteer can participate in all of the activities and propose to a group his own activities, depending on his interests and capacities, e.g. educational, sport or music. A volunteer can make a presentation of his country and teach his native language. Thanks to cooperation with schools for blind children and suppliers of rehabilitation equipment, volunteers can observe and participate actively in lessons in special schools. Observation is a chance to get to know about methods and teaching techniques and appliance of different rehabilitation equipment. Additionally they can improve their German language skills. A volunteer can participate actively in the process of creation and adaptation of writing Braille. A volunteer can write articles for DBSV association, he can do interviews and take part in meetings and conferences connected to Visual disability. He can help organizing international youths exchanges and other important events.